One Hour

Seattle: 400

Other Cities: 700

Hour and Half

Seattle: 600*

Other Cities: 900

Two Hours

Seattle: 800

Other cities: 1100

Three Hours


Other Cities:1300

Four Hours


Other Cities: 1500

Six Hours


Other Cities: 1800

Sixteen Hours

Seattle: 2000

Other Cities: 3500

Twenty Four Hours

Seattle: 3000

Other Cities: 4500

Additional days are 2,000 a day

Craving something different?

I offer sensual massage in my beautiful studio

Candlelight. Hot oil. Floor length mirror. 

Available only in Seattle


One Hour 


Hour and Half


Two Hour



Fly me to you



All travel expenses are to be covered by you, in addition to a 50% deposit, are due at the time of booking.

Extended bookings 24 hours or more require 8 hours of sleep and 2-3 hours a day of personal time. One week notice is needed when booking all extended time.

East Coast

6 hour minimum

Thursday through Sunday

Midwest & The South

6 hour minimum

Thursday through Sunday

West Coast


3 hour minimum

Thursday through Sunday

Outside the US

16 hour minimum

Thursday through Sunday


The Fine Print

A 25% deposit is required for dates in Seattle

 A 50% deposit for tours and fly me to you dates

* 90 minutes is preferred for new clients

In person screening add 500 to the above rates

​Couples add 400 to the above rates

Outcalls + 50 -100 depending on distance

Outcalls to private residences for established clients

I have a conveniently located, gorgeous incall located in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle.




​A deposit is necessary for

all bookings.

25% deposit for Seattle dates

50% deposit for tour dates

50% deposit + 100% of all travel costs for all fly me to you dates.

The preferred method is cash slipped into a card or book and sent priority mail with tracking to my PO box.

Electronic methods options are available, but these are NOT preferred and will incur an additional 100 fee if requested.

I do not accept Paypal, Venmo, Cash app, Google Wallet or any other method of transferring funds. You can thank the payment processors, elected politicians, political climate and infantilizing laws for this.


Refunds are only given when I must cancel and rescheduling is not a possibility. 

Reference Policy 

I'm happy to provide a reference, if I have seen you at least once in the last 6 months and that no more than 6 months have passed since we last met. Also an email stating that [insert name here] will be in touch is very much appreciated. I will not give a reference otherwise. 





On the rare occasion that I must cancel, I will reverse digital deposits within 48 hours. Other forms of deposits can be applied towards a future date. 

 48 hours or more

Your deposit can be applied toward the date we reschedule for

Less than 48 hours

Your deposit will be taken as a cancellation fee. A new deposit will be required to reschedule. 

​1 week notice is required when cancelling or rescheduling dates in other cities.