"Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead"

- Lucille Ball

If you have a "thing" for redheads you are in the right place! An ode to my Irish-Scottish-Welch descent, my alabaster skin is sprinkled with freckles, due to my great love of the outdoors. Eyes blue-gray, flecked with hazel, framed by dark lush lashes. Petite in stature. Slim and curvy where it matters. A flirt by nature with a wry sense humor, with a healthy dose of snark and a fair bit of goofiness. Disarming? Yes. 

An INTJ- The rarest personality type for women, In fact at about 0.5 percent of the population, I am the rarest of any gender/type combination. A Unicorn you could say. 

I've always been very focused and goal oriented, always on the go, you can find me in the midst of my latest pet project, or planning my next getaway. Travel is my main passion in life, and having done a fair amount of it, am a great sidekick to bring along on your next adventure.  

Mildly obsessed with interior design, my home is my refuge.

I love nothing more than snuggling my dog while reading, curled up in my antique leather armchair, a glass of red nearby. 

I relax with a bit of pampering with a spa day, I stay active with yoga, boxing and strength training. I journal occasionally. 

I will say that I am best suited to the type of gentleman who has a deep interest in connecting with me and finding out shared common interests, whether a favorite movie, book or show. A place traveled to that changed you forever. Savoring every moment like a piece of the finest chocolate. Letting it melt in your mouth until only the memory remains. Not wanting to overindulge, but instead relishing that time you can be free, let your guard down, being authentically you. 

Fun facts about me

Personality Type: INTJ 

Favorite Beverage: Matcha Tea

Favorite Cocktail: Ketel Dirty Martini

Favorite Food: Seafood

Favorite Book: Fahrenheit 451

Favorite Movie: Legends Of The Fall

Favorite TV Show: Mad Men